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Just Transition Alliance
What we do

Just Transition Alliance strengthens local community-labor alliances through education and organizing. We bring together workers and community members in our workshops, and help them through the process of identifying shared interests and goals. In the process, they develop ideas about joint action they can take to reach their shared goals-a clean environment and sustainable jobs. At the end of a workshop, local labor and community participants formalize a commitment to work together.

A truly green and sustainable economy

A just transition for workers and communities around the globe addresses all aspects of production, beginning with how resources are extracted and ending with reusing waste materials.
A just transition unites all workers and communities in building regional economies modeled on natural systems. It means living wages for all workers, clean production, and zero waste. It accounts for the ecological and social costs along the entire production cycle, including energy consumption, water use, transportation, exploitation, displacement, and the legacy of contamination. Join us in creating the transition to healthy, sustainable workplaces and communities!

Report: How Practices by Waste Management, Inc. Endangers the Sanitation Workers

April 4, 2008

Read about how 40 years after Martin Luther King Jr. gave his life in an effort to fight for civil and worker rights for striking sanitation workers in Memphis, the same issues that led to the strike remain prevalent in the industry even today. These workers still face very real threats to their health on a daily basis, including handling hazardous materials without proper safety equipment.
In Harm's Way: How Waste Management, Inc. Endangers the Sanitation Workers Who Protect the Public’s Health report by the National Commission of Inquiry into the Worker Health and Safety Crisis in the Solid Waste Industry.

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